“The fact that PurrBnB is a small, boutique facility allows me to spend extra time looking after each of our guests, and that’s how we plan to keep it.”

Mal and Wendy have been together for almost 30 years. Mal owns and runs Noosaville Smash Repairs, a well-established small business he has operated for more than 25 years.

When Wendy told Mal of her desire to board cats, he sprang into action. Firstly, building the three suites, then extending the existing outside cat enclosure and finally fitting the custom-made windows which allow the boarding cat access to the outdoor area to relax, explore or have fun.

“Wendy is dedicated and devoted to the care and wellbeing of animals so PurrBnB is a perfect small enterprise for her,” Mal said.

“After all, the more time Wendy spends with the boarding cats is time I can spend fishing for bass in the local waterways!”