PurrBnB provides a clean, safe, comfortable and stimulating environment for your cat while you are away on holiday, moving house or away on business.

We have three in-house pens with windows opening into the outdoor enclosure, which has climbing ramps, toys, a tunnel, sunning platform, cat grass and scratching panels. The in-house pens have raised sleeping area, pod beds, scratching panels, hidey-hole and litter tray.

Daily Routine

Morning for our guest cats starts with a cuddle, toilet, food and water consumption checks.

Guest cats then go into the outdoor enclosure to explore, sun themselves or just hang out while their rooms are cleaned and made spick and span.

In the afternoon we enjoy play time, a brush and groom, then back into suites pens safe and comfy for the night.

The PurrBnB’s menu is Hill’s Science Diet Wet and Dry and Royal Canin Wet and Dry. If your cat has a special diet or particular taste we will cater for that – just let us know.

Before your cat comes to PurrBnB

Your cat must have proof of current F3 vaccination.

Flea and worming treatments. We recommend Revolution or Advocate as these have the added advantage of treating ear mites.

Your cat must be in good physical health without any of the following – vomiting, diarrhea, sneezing, coughing, parasite infestation or infectious diseases.

Special medical conditions and medications must be advised in advance.

Cats must be desexed over the age of six months.

Cats must come in a cat carry box.

In the case of your cat showing any signs of illness, we will call your regular vet and also notify you. If hospital admission is required we will admit your cat to Noosa Animal Hospital at owner’s expense.

Prices are charged per day. Full payment is required at check-in. Method of payment cash or bank transfer.

Hours: 8.00 – 10.00am or 4.00 – 5.00pm Monday to Friday. View our prices here.

We look forward to making your cat’s stay with us a happy stress-free time with all the care and attention they deserve.